Media relations

  • Image analysis
  • Strategic consulting
  • Media relations
  • Media coaching

The media are important opinion formers. Establishing long-term and effective relationships with them requires an excellent knowledge of their operating rules.

Our partners: the journalists

The run’concept team has developed a professional approach based on respect for the media and for journalism. For us, journalists are special partners with whom we have developed relationships of trust.
We know how to identify their expectations, answer their requests as speedily as possible and help them in their search for information.
Nous savons identifier leurs attentes, répondre à leurs sollicitations dans les meilleurs délais et les aider dans leur recherche d’informations.

Our role: optimizing your exposure

By defining, for our clients, relevant key messages likely to be of interest to journalists, by preparing them in their public speaking, in order to avoid the “traps” and usual errors due to lack of practice, we contribute to optimizing their exposure – and their brands’ exposure – in the media.